Clover Professional Network

An exclusive network for high-level IT leaders

Access to account creation is by invite only. We appreciate your patience as we safeguard this network of IT leaders.


CPN is a project born from the industry experience of the Clover Communications Management team. For years they've made a practice of brokering powerful connections between peers and employers. Now the Clover team has spearheaded the development of revolutionary approach to professional networking.


CPN accepts nothing but the highest standards of privacy controls. Users enjoy the protection of an invite-only network with the ability to opt-out of any component. Because CPN has never and will never sell user information, this is a network with interests in line with your own.

We will continue to evolve our service, providing our users with better insights into industry trends and more opportunities to learn and grow. Already CPN boasts a suite of powerful features that radically contrasts with other social media networks that focus on quantity over quality.

Job Match-Maker

Benefit from a sophisticated algorithm that connects you to the right employer. Our multi-dimensional search compares skills, location and experience in new ways.


Our match-making solutions are a huge help to conference goers. Discover events in your area and match up with other conference goers. CPN also boasts powerful webinars.

Real-Time Communication

Unified communications bring CPN users a powerful array of real-time tools. Video chat with a prospective employer or talk shop with industry leaders before and after conference events.